Cyclades’ Most Precious Gem!


Forged by the power of the volcano, coveted by many and loved deeply by its people and guests from around the world… Santorini is a magnificent destination that unites rich history, bewildering natural beauty and countless marvels to experience. From the iconic caldera with unique architecture adapted to harsh living conditions and fairytale-like medieval castles to the delightful volcanic produce that composes mouthwatering delights, every moment in Santorini is filled with sights and experiences to be treasured. Discover the beauty of a timeless island unlike any other in the world!


Santorini History

Santorini’s rich history dates back to millennia. The city uncovered in Akrotiri that was destroyed by the volcanic eruption of 1600 BC reveals a highly advanced civilization and the ancient city of Thera also presents immense interest for history enthusiasts. During the Medieval era, the island homed five Kastelia, castle-like fortifications with impressive architecture, Pyrgos, Emporio, Oia, Akrotiri and Skaros at Imerovigli. Exploring the island’s history in museums and exhibitions is a must for every guest, whereas the island’s colourful tradition is evident in every step you take around the charming villages.

Santorini Beaches

Santorini is famous for a number of things, such as the unique volcanic beaches that adorn its coasts. Their unusual colours, red, white and black, and their wild beauty make them an irresistible attraction for all the island’s guests and the perfect destination for thrilling private cruises. The must-visit beaches are the Red, the White beach, the black-sand Perissa, Perivolos and Kamari and the breath-taking cliffs of Vlychada, whereas Cambia and Columbo are more secluded options for those seeking privacy and beauty for their beach days.

Santorini Sightseeing

Exploring Santorini has a few must-stops every visitor should include in their itinerary. Starting from the medieval Kastelia of Pyrgos and Emporio to the archaeological excavation of Akrotiri that reveals a highly advanced civilization, one can delve into the history of the island, making sure to also visit Ancient Thera and various museums at Fira and Oia. Watch the sunset from any spot on the caldera but allow time for an evening at the imposing rock of Skaros, or the Faros Lighthouse of Akrotiri. As for the volcanoes, a private cruise to the crater and the hot springs is a must-do!


Exciting activities await among the top things to do when in Santorini, starting from an essential private or semi-private cruise to the volcanoes and the island’s coastal beauties, or thrilling water sports that get your adrenaline pumping. Hiking is another favourite, especially on the route along the caldera or the path from Pyrgos to Emporio and Kamari, which can alternate with horse riding or cycling expeditions according to your preferences. Gourmands opt for delightful wine-tastings or culinary experiences in the local wineries, but undoubtedly the most loved activity in Santorini is watching the sunset, so make sure to pick your favourite spot for the day and wait for the sun to set!